iTWO 3D provides more than 40 features in 4 directions:
1. Integration with iTWO solution (baseline, 4.0 and YTWO)
2. Fast model navigation and editing for contractor, subcontractor, real estate developer, owner and investor.
3. Model check for enterprise or project standards.
4. Quantity calculation and import.

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iTWO3D Feature Overview
iTWO 3D provides over 40 features with powerful functionality and good user experience.
Version Switch
Version Switch allows user to switch between different versions of Revit plug-in and CPI Export.
Web Update
Web Update enables the customers to get the latest iTWO 3D features and enhancements timely with only 2 clicks.
Account Setting
Account Setting enables user to sign in iTWO 4.0 or YTWO once for all relevant features(Data Synchronization, COS Lookup, Material Lookup and Load RFA).
Data Synchronization
Data Synchronization uses the most advanced technologies to synchronize the model data from Revit to iTWO.
Data Synchronization (Settings)
User can configure the Data Synchronization Settings to synchronize model data to corresponding project in iTWO baseline or iTWO cloud.
Tasklist enables user to manage the To-Do list from iTWO 4.0 in Revit work environment. This helps coordination in BIM process.
Scheduling displays the task schedules from iTWO 4.0 project in Revit, which helps BIM planning and coordination.
COS Lookup
COS Lookup integrates the Construction System to model objects.
Material Lookup
Material Lookup can record the material information from YTWO to an object, preparing the data for procurement.
Load RFA
Load RFA can load the family into the current project from YTWO with the material information.
Export RFA
Export RFA can export RFA file as CPIxml so as to preview 3D model on YTWO.
Search enables user to search model objects in a Google-like way. Search criteria can be saved as a template and can be imported/exported. User-defined properties can be added to search result in batch.
Tile Views
Tile Views enables customers to quickly create and tile four standard views(front, side, top, isometric) with one click.
Connect Views
Connect Views enables the customers to link four standard views for zoom and pan operation with one click.
Local 3D View
Local 3D View enables the customers to quickly view selected objects in 3D view with one click.
Component View
Component View enables the customers to to quickly view selelcted objects in an isolated view with one click.
Level 3D View
Level 3D View enables the customers to quickly view all objects in the selelcted levels with one click.
Toggle Visibility
Toggle Visibility enables the customers to show\hide selected objects in all views.
MEP Quick View
MEP Quick View enables the customers to quickly view all objects in the selected MEP system with one click.
Create MEP Opening
Create MEP Opening can generate openings for beams, structural walls and structural floors through pipe, duct and cable tray.
Refresh MEP Opening
Refresh MEP Opening can refresh the position/size of the opening (generated by Create MEP Opening).
Auto Deduction
By deducting redundant geometry, Auto Deduction improves modeling efficiency and accuracy greatly, and model accuracy can ensure the correct QTO and estimation calculation.
Split Slab
Split Slab offers two ways (by line or by point) to split slab (with or without openings) into smaller parts as required.
Magic Brush
Magic Brush enables the users to match the instance properties of object according to the selected object.
Add Property Name
Add Property Name enables user to add properties of object in batch by importing an Excel sheet.
Add Property Value
Add Property Value lets user fast add / modify / delete the property value of object in batch.
Batch Link
Batch link enables user to link multiple RVT files into current active file in batch.
Batch Upgrade
Batch Upgrade enables user to upgrade multiple RVT / RFA files to current version of Revit in batch.
Split by Floor
Split by Floor enables the users to splits walls / columns by one or more floors.
Edit Beam
Edit Beam enables the customers to modify the name and sectional size of beam easily by identifying the text in 2D drawing.
Split Beam
Split Beam targets to split the secondary beams by the primary beams automatically.
Align to Beam
Align to Beam makes the selected walls in batch align to a beam.
Align to Floor
Align to Floor makes the selected walls in batch align to a floor.
Construction Zone
Construction Zone can define the zones for construction planning. The structure models of wall, beam, floor, and column can be divided into parts and applied different colors by the zones.
CPI Model Checker
RIB CPI Model Checker enables users to check and adjust the CPI XML model against Enterprise/Project Model Standard for 3D model-based quantity take off. This feature helps to connect 3D design model with cost estimation data, and saves time and effort for designers and estimators.
Property Check
Property Check enables users to check in Revit models whether properties exist, whether properties have valid values, and whether properties follow the correct formats according to enterprise/project standard.
Property Check (Configuration)
Property Check enables users to manage their own configuration files. Importing a standard Excel sheet as a configuration file is supported now.
Clear Height Check
Clear Height Check enables users to check the clear height of rooms in batch.
Clear Height Display
Clear Height Display can display the clear height of rooms with color and annotations in the active 2D plan view.
MEP Coloring
MEP Coloring enables the users to color different MEP systems with user-defined colors quickly.
VOB Length
VOB Length can add the property LengthVOB (German standard) to all pipe, duct and cable tray objects.
Level Rebar Property
Level Rebar Property can fetch level-based rebar information by reading a standard Excel sheet, then add these information as properties to levels of Revit model.
Level Cable Property
Level Cable Property can fetch level-based cable information by reading a standard Excel sheet, then add these information as properties to levels of Revit model.